Icon Project Management understands what drives developers, whether they be public or private entities. Our processes are thorough, efficient and tailored to match each project and each client.


We are specialists in the key elements of the planning process.

Developing and implementing procurement and project delivery strategies;

Master programming that identifies critical deadlines and streamlines project timelines;

Negotiating planning instrument provisions;

Working with and presenting to community groups;

Submitting strategically positioned planning approvals and negotiating with planning authorities. We understand the process of effective government liaison and coordination at both state and local levels;

Planning and negotiating environmental, aboriginal, heritage, community and title issues. Our experience in these areas supports our advice on strategic solutions, thus minimising any negative effects on the desired project outcomes;

Appointing and managing consultants, including specialist advisors for contamination, geotechnical reports, surveys and hazardous material investigations;

Managing risk and developing, monitoring and clearly reporting risk matrices to the client;

Managing and value engineering feasibility studies and forecasting project costs.


Our clients expect and require different levels of reporting, and we are able to give them as much or as little detail as they require.

Although the level of detail may change from client to client, there are several things that do not, these include:

  • Clear and concise reporting;
  • Accurate and targeted reporting;
  • Complete and relevant reporting;
  • Honest reporting;
  • Regular reporting.

We believe that reporting and communicating are essential for a successful project so we are highly skilled at presenting to groups, whether chairing a PCG meeting or running through project cost forecasts with our client.

We monitor and report regularly on the time, cost and quality parameters of a project.

Communication is paramount, communication that is clear and timely.


Icon Project Management has extensive experience in delivering quality projects on time and within budget. We take ownership of all aspects of the project to ensure the high quality of the final product and the client's satisfaction. Our philosophy is to manage the project and costs as if they were our own.

We closely monitor and report against all major elements of a construction project and provide clear and educated recommendations and directions for:

  • Design project management
  • Value engineering
  • Tendering and contract preparation, negotiation and award
  • Contract administration and negotiation, including the key contractual elements - variations, extensions of time, site instructions and progress payments
  • Change management
  • WH&S reporting and quality inspections
  • Completion and Contract close-out